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At LPA Energy Group, we have five business units that listen, consult, collaborate & partner to provide you with solutions that inspire a sustainable future.


Lighting is the most important design feature for commercial and business spaces. Not only is lighting vital for productivity and creativity but also brings an emotional and attention-grabbing value to interior and exterior spaces. 

For the past 30 years, LPA Lighting and Energy Solutions has been consistently innovating and implementing our lighting design and solutions to various stakeholders across the globe. From commercial, health and educational institutions to hospitality, residential and retail, we pride ourselves on having industry-leading experience in providing functional and adaptable lighting solutions. 

Solar Solutions

Solar panels help you reduce your reliance on electricity providers, which in turn increases your control over your own energy needs and expenses. One of the biggest benefits of solar PV systems is that they utilise a clean renewable source of energy.  With sustainability being one of the most important focuses of our business, we provide a full service commercial solar installation solution for your business. Our expert team will work with you to identify your energy needs and provide a seamless solar installation process. 

Accredited Metering Solutions

We understand the importance for businesses tracking their energy usage. Our metering solutions have been designed to accurately measure energy and power in order to meet regulatory, environmental or financial targets. 

Incorporating a smart meter gives you the power to better control your energy use so that you can identify areas in which you can make consumption more efficient and data-driven.  

We take pride in having a strong focus on delivering products that are advanced, high quality, full-featured, and competitively priced for you or your customers.

Smart System Integrations

VRT has been pioneering the provision and support of information solutions since the mid-1980s.  Our focus is on creating solutions with minimum platform variations and maximum through-life supportability.  Creating partnerships with our clients for ongoing support, less disruption, increased consistency and reliability, and lower costs over the long term.  Our solutions are based on real-time information to improve operational efficiency and safety and to reduce risks related to business continuity.

To learn more about how we can help you create a streamlined business integration.

Energy Management

Our own cloud technology-based IoT management platform has been developed to support all of our other business applications; we know our clients like to see a return on investment which is why we offer our state-of-the-art energy management solution, WideSky. 

WideSky collects and analyses data, identifying opportunities for improvements operationally and financially.  WideSky makes it easy for you to unlock the value of your data, integrating with almost anything, giving your data context and meaning, allowing data-driven decisions that drive positive financial and sustainable outcomes.   

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