Creating a sustainable and diverse future

LPA Energy Group is committed to contributing towards a sustainable and greener future as well as giving vulnerable individuals opportunities to enter the workforce.

One way we are achieving this is by teaming up with Substation33.

Substation33 is a social enterprise initiative built to address the need to provide a workplace where people from long term unemployment and marginalised backgrounds could gain confidence and skills to transition to sustainable employment. Substation33 also saw the need to address the increasing amounts of electronic equipment going to landfill, seeing a potential to recycle, repurpose and reuse e-waste to reduce negative environmental impacts. 

Over the past 8 years, Substation33 has diverted over 1 million kilograms of e-waste from landfills and just in the last 3 years, have seen over 1200 volunteers amass a collective 100,000+ hours of volunteering and assisted more than 500 people in their transition to mainstream employment and/or training and further education.

They are well known for their inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds and abilities by providing opportunities to gain, skills, training, confidence and employment.

For years, our Brisbane-based WideSky business has locally been using Substation33 for the recycling of its meters and other hardware and has now partnered up with them to provide employment opportunities as well. 

LPA Energy Group is continually aiming to support the communities that it operates in. We aspire to be leaders by breaking barriers through our diverse and inclusive culture.

We strive to apply our values into everything we do and are pleased to put the principle into practice.