Creating a practical and clean energy future for businesses with customised solutions.

Sustainability is at the core of our business. Our strategy is focused on building and advancing processes to improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives for businesses.  Our strategy is focused on providing technology solutions that lead to faster, data-driven decisions that reduce risk and cost, improve wellbeing, and overall, benefitting the environment.

The LPA Energy Group is committed to reducing the impact on the environment by enhancing the energy efficiency of our products and services whilst reducing energy usage during the production and implementation process. 

Through our partnerships with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders, we are continually improving business processes that may affect the environment ensuring to measure, monitor and report on environmental management initiatives. 

Three key pillars

Our dedication to sustainability is reinforced by our three key pillars

We aim to utilize digital technology efficiently and responsibly to preserve our planet. Our optimised energy solutions help to assist our clients in reducing their impact on the environment and climate as a whole. For our clients, our systems provide data on energy usage, the indoor environment and space utilization, in real-time. Users can access instantaneous data from as many locations as their facility needs, on any device, allowing businesses to manage resources, drive cost reductions and build sustainability plans more effectively.

We also ensure to look at our own business practices through four main areas – supply chain, packaging, recycling, and renewable energy sources.

Supply Chain

Our industry leading monitoring of operational procedures helps track our performance along the supply chain which highlights areas in which we can improve our efficiencies and minimise impacts on the environment.

This includes seeking ;

Seeking manufacturers that use renewable energy
Seeking manufacturers that meet our strict ESG guidelines
Seeking manufacturers that avoid using harmful chemicals during production, preventing hazardous waste
Seeking optimal logistic services to reduce total carbon output


We pride ourselves on using biodegradable packaging where possible including recycled and biodegradable materials. All incoming cardboard is reused for repacking of items ensuring no unnecessary wastage occurs. We are constantly striving towards all of our packaging being sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using sustainable practices.


Our partnerships with Ecocycle in Australia and Lumicom in the UK help us ensure that we are responsibly disposing of luminaires, fluorescent tubes, lamps and bulbs. We are continually working with our manufacturers and suppliers in establishing processes where the majority of our manufacturing waste is properly recycled. 

Renewable Energy Sources

The establishment of our energy optimisation department is part of our commitment to reduce our overall carbon emissions through the installation of solar panels which will help us on our way to carbon neutrality.  

People make the difference and can make the change. From staff to suppliers to our clients we want to create a positive future for everyone. For our clients we provide technology that assists in improving people’s lives, from comfort and safety through to workplace wellbeing.

We believe deeply in the idea that lighting design and energy solutions can improve the overall health of a space. By generating comprehensive models of sensors interacting with their physical environment, we can start to understand how factors such as light levels, temperature, and air quality can influence an environment where people can thrive, de-stress and absorb motivation towards their work and goals.  

Business Integrity

Our people and our stakeholders are key to succeeding in our sustainability goals. We ensure that our employees, suppliers, and manufacturers adhere to our ethical and sustainable business practices.  

The ultimate goal for us is to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of products by staying up to date with the latest technologies and offering customers eco-compatible solutions.

Our processes and practices have been created in such a way as to ensure that each of our products perform to an exceptional standard through our rigorous innovation and design specifications.  Our solutions monitor and validate data to optimise energy consumption and power quality reinforcing sustainability targets.

For our clients, our solutions offer a simple, user-friendly interactive platform with information that businesses are able to interpret and act on, leading to faster, data driven decisions that reduce risk and cost.


The manufacturing of our product range has always carried the mantra of being high in quality, durable, long lasting and value laden for our clients. We are continually striving towards innovative products and services that are holistic, efficient, and sustainable. 


We adhere to a set of dedicated and intricate design standards which have been fundamental to our growth and success within the industry. Our design methodology revolves around three key principles – efficiency, functionality and ease of use.

The purpose of our product and service range is to optimise efficiency to a variety of industries and sectors across the globe in order to reduce energy usage and costs. Our design efficiencies help to manage and minimise the consumption of water and gas resources by detecting leakages in real-time. Utilizing motion sensors with foot traffic data analytics helps optimise existing HVAC and lighting scheduling driving cost savings further. The monitoring of vibrations, humidity, air pressure, ambient light or electrical resistance to prevent equipment failure automatically reduces Opex spending. By autonomously scheduling, managing, and automating processes you can boost productivity, reduce wastage, and minimise operating costs for your operations. 

To achieve these efficiencies, design functionality has been a foundational element as it allows the smooth implementation into businesses on a greater scale. 

Incorporating ease of use into our design principles is what has made our product and service range some of the most sort after across multiple industries. Allowing companies to easily implement our systems means quick, accurate and simple data capture that identifies optimisation and cost improvement opportunities.